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What is Bluestem Meadow?

Bluestem Meadow is a restorative land project located at the Offield Family Viewlands in Harbor Springs, Michigan. Inspired by our experiences with grief and the solace we find in nature, our hope is that Bluestem Meadow will provide a natural setting for reflection and healing for the community.


Bluestem Meadow is a gorgeous terraced hill with a view of Lake Michigan at the top and a pond at the bottom. We have added benches, paths, and a reflection labyrinth. The Bluestem Meadow is intentionally curated for visitors to experience a place of reflection, restoration, and remembrance. It is our hope that a sense of peace will be found in this beautiful setting. 


The Viewlands was previously an active golf course and is now being rewilded and protected by the Little Traverse Conservancy. We, the stewards of Bluestem Meadow, are working closely with LTC to contribute to the rejuvenation of this land.

Visitors will find a labyrinth for meditation and exploration, designed by a local artist. Accessible pathways and benches allow comfortable access to all areas. Bluestem Meadow is an ongoing project and we are looking forward to many exciting additions after phase one. 

As of October 2023, Bluestem Meadow is now a 501(3)(c) organization! This means we can accept tax deductible donations directly, which has enabled us to move forward in our phase two of fundraising. See the Trail Marker Tree page for more information about this next phase. 

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The Bluestem Meadow is located within the Offield Family Viewlands in Harbor Springs, Michigan. The land includes preexisting paths for hiking and walking and beautiful scenery. The Bluestem Meadow portion will include paved paths that lead to the Labyrinth as well as a restored garden, man-made body of water and sweeping views of the gorgeous Michigan landscape. 

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